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Our custom Domed Sticker labels are not your average label! More than just a custom label, it's a statement of quality for your product. DomedSticker labels are printed on weather resistant vinyl and covered with a 2mm thick UV resistant polyurethane "lens". The custom imprint is full colour, photo quality, on white vinyl or metallic background.

Complex shapes other than circles, rectangles, ovals may incur a surcharge.  

Lead-time: 3-5 days

Domed Label Technical Specifications

  • Material: Two part polyurethane resin .
  • Initial: Clear, semi-flexible, excellent clarity and gloss.
  • Accelerated Aging, RS-4 Sunlighter with Water Spray: After 500 hours exposure in an ultra-violet light and water spray apparatus, (estimated 3-5 years outdoor weathering) specimens show no significant surface deterioration, increase in hardness, shrinkage or noticeable colour or gloss change.
  • Outdoor Weathering: Samples show no appreciable discoloration or loss of gloss after 5 years outside. Samples will tolerate temperatures between -43°C and 77°C.
  • Oven Aging: Specimens show no surface deterioration, shrinkage or increase in hardness after seven days in a hot air circulation oven at 77°C.
  • Humidity: Specimens show no colour or gloss change or objectionable shrinkage after seven days in a humidity cabinet with a condensing atmosphere at 38°C., 100% R.H.
  • Salt Spray: Specimens show no change or promotion of corrosion to the surface which they are mounted after 22 hrs. exposure to a salt spray test.
  • Abrasion and Impact Resistance: Samples resist abrasion and impact down to -29°C. Forced indentations recover completely due to resilient nature of the polyurethane polymer.
  • Cleanability: Samples clean easily without marring using a detergent solution, aliphatic hydrocarbon or denatured alcohol.
  • Solvent Resistance: Samples show no discoloration after being immersed in unleaded gasoline ten times for ten seconds with a drying time of twenty seconds between immersions.
  • Chemical Resistance: Samples show no significant colour change or swelling after five minutes of exposure to the following chemical solutions: 5% KOH, 5% NaCl, 5% KCl 2, 20% H2SO4, 20% HCI.
  • The doming process begins with liquid polyurethane resin, guaranteed for five years of exterior use without changing.
  • The resin is pumped out of the drum into the dispensing machine. This machine has dispensing needles that can be configured to the individual sheet layout. The CNC controlled machine positions the needles as required.
  • The needles eject resin onto the label. The resin spreads out until it meets the edge of the label. Surface tension keeps the resin from running off the label and conforming to the label shape.
  • A catalytic reaction kicks in and the resin starts to harden. Within a few minutes the labels can be stacked on trays.
  • The labels cure overnight and are ready to be delivered the next day.
 Domed Stickers manufacturing process

We use the latest technology for the manufacture and supply of domed stickers and labels.
                         Domed Labels being made

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