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White PVC  White Face Mask Fastener,  200mm x 23mm X 0.8mm.

Available with a one colour print or blank. (Full cololur print on application)

Due to COVID-19, healthcare workers, first responders, grocery and food prep workers and many others on the front-line are wearing face masks from several hours to multiple shifts, day after day. 

A majority of masks are one-size-fits-all and are fastened behind the ears with elastic straps to hold the mask to the wearer's face. Long-term wearing is not comfortable since they cut into the ear and furthermore do not allow the mask to be adjusted. The discomfort causes workers to inadvertently touch their mask, face, and ears to briefly relieve the soreness and irritation, even though they are trying to keep their hands away from their face. 

Here's a solution!
Comfortable, Adjustable, Simple to Use, Reusable mask fasteners.


Printed: 3 days

blank stock: 1 day

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